Now that I’m working a bit I decided a small purchase was in order. I got myself the best hat in the world, I mean this bit of merch is officially titled “The best since day one” but the point remains. I also received a gift of a very appropriate funko Silent Bob from mariahmariahbangbang



This one wins

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In case you needed proof that Peta is literal scum. 

Not to mention that in a 2010 inspection conducted by a VDACS veterinarian, it was discovered that 84 percent of the animals Peta took in were killed within 24 hours. [source]

A quick reminder that PETA is literal scum of the earth. 


Since Johanna Mason was the only living female victor of 7 for the Quell, I would like to think that when they called up “Ladies first” she just stomped over, grabbed the piece of paper herself and shouted “GEE I WONDER WHO THE FUCK IT COULD BE? HOLY FUCK BALLS IT’S ME I’M SO SHOCKED” and the Peacekeepers have to drag her away from the microphone

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Jimmy took some time to give some superlatives out to your favorite football stars!

Anonymous asked:
What is your ultimate fantasy?


Financial stability.

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awww I love getting cute goodnight texts from no one

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Haymes paints

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